Polish Historical Exploration Club - PHEC THESAURUS

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About the Club

Our club was formed in London on the 14th of June 2009 with the aim of creating a friendly meeting place for anybody interested in metal detecting and historical exploration. Although our members are of Polish origin, we are a friendly group and welcome anyone genuinely interested in history, research and preserving of our common heritage.
Due to the the fact that most of our members live all over the British Islands (see map), we don't have a chance to meet very often, although we do try to organise special research projects in many different parts of the country. Among our current projects are search for the remains and artefacts from the XVIth century ship, which sank on the Welsh coast with a cargo of silver, research of the lost battlefields and search for the remains of planes shot down during the II World War, especially those which were piloted by Polish airmen.

PHEC THESAURUS is fully affiliated with the National Council for Metal Detecting and we stress the importance of the Code of Practice on Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales and educational aspect of our hobby, including sharing of our aims and ideas with detectorists in other countries. We particularly like to support and educate our colleagues in places where for various reasons metal detecting is restricted.




















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